Demo of Pronamic Pay with Gravity Forms

If you are looking for a plugin to add a form to your website, Gravity Forms is one of the better options. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create a (complex) form in no time. Its many features and integration with various add-ons has made Gravity Forms one of the most popular forms plugins for WordPress.

Integration with Pronamic Pay

To make payments via Gravity Forms, you can use the Pronamic Pay plugin. Pronamic Pay establishes the link between the payment provider you’ve chosen and Gravity Forms, making it possible to make payments through your website. Check a demo of Mollie and Rabo Smart Pay on this website to experience the link between Pronamic Pay and Gravity Forms for yourself.

Mollie and Rabo Smart Pay are not the only payment providers supported by Pronamic Pay. In total, fourteen payment providers are supported. Find an overview of all payment providers here.